yesterday i’ve stumbled over a post on facebook announcing a workshop how to create great tutorials. brittni of papernstitch will teach the class and since i really love what she does and her tutorials always look fantastic i followed the link and signed up for it. my mind is longing for new imput, i’m in a bit of creative slump due to a massive work load in the office and a half finished new house, so i can’t wait to start to learn new skills when the class starts end of august.

papernstitch skillshare workshop

but what also happened is that by signing up for this class i was introduced to skillshare which is a site where you can find many many online classes and workshops dealing with all kinds of different topics like photography, design, business, writing&publishing etc. browsing their site i’v found a bunch of other classes that i really want to take and i was so surprised that all this knowledge is easily brought to my home and since they’re all self-paced i can learn new things whenever i want, whenever i find the time. i’ll have no stress being at a certain place at a certain point! is this the greatest thing ever?! YES!


i put like 5 classes onto my wishlist right away and directly signed up for another class that will teach me how to photograph food (since i’ve missed the class my friends are giving – shoot the food). not because i will specialize in blogging more recipes (or maybe i might after this class) but just because i want to get to know my camera better and how to take decent pictures and because i am nosy like that at this moment.

just a few minutes ago i watched the first video of the course and realized that the teacher is lovely liz from – a blog that i LOVE! (it was surprising because i never read an info text from start to finish). now i have homework to do and enjoy it immensely that my brain cells are busy with lovely things.


this new discovery really made my heart jump yesterday and opened so many doors and i am really motivated to learn new skills and in order to get more ideas for the blog, for my small business and how knows for what else. you should really check it out. skillshare will blow your mind.



Hallo ich bin Lou! Schön das du hergefunden hast! Ich hoffe du fühlst dich wohl und lässt dich wunderbar inspirieren!


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