This week I ran out of crafty projects. I have weeks where I do one project after the other, this week isn’t one of those. :-) It’s very hot outside and I’m glad when I come home and don’t have to do anything. Though I’m still browsing my favorite sites and blogs everyday and came across some very great tutorials that I want to share today.

My latest favorite discovery when it comes to crafty blogs is Noodleheads. Anna is one talented mom that sews the prettiest things for her kids and is so generous to share them. The other day she posted this super cute car pillow tutorial which isn’t that hard to make. Her instructions are very easy to follow and this little pillow makes a wonderful baby-shower gift.

Another tutorial I liked very much is by Martha Stewart. A tooth fairy pillow for little ones.  Perfect for my step-kiddo who’s loosing teeth every week at the moment :-)

I recently found Amy Bindel’s Early Bird Special Blog where she shows her beautiful embroidery projects. The cool thing about this blog is that Amy teaches her readers how to embroider with detailed step-by-step instructions and even a little video. How cool is that? See Lesson 4: The split stitch for example. I love to embroider but yet only know how to back stitch. She opened my horizons and I can’t wait to practice my skills as soon as the fall comes.

Anna Maria Horner posted this beautiful and ass simple to sew Museum Tunic Dress. Doesn’t it look fabulous? I must definitely try this as long as the weather allows me to wear it.


  1. Nice projects! Reminds me, I haven’t done any sewing in a looooong time :)

    Here’s it’s really hot too outside AND inside because my home gets really warm in the summer. So these days I’m not really active at home, just a bit lazy ;)

  2. What fun projects. I am with you on the too hot to do anything feeling. I come home work out and sit until I fall asleep. Vacation next week I can hardly wait.

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