hello dears. we had a bank holiday yesterday and martin and i had a great relaxing and fun long weekend. we went to play minigolf with friends, had a bavarian breakfast with the family, had some quality time with each other. of course i sewed some things for the next craft show. 35 t-shirts to be exact. until next week i have 25 shirts to go and if i don’t put all my thoughts onto paper i even forget my name. so this week’s digi download is a notepad for the thoughts. a little more romantic this time. just click on the image above to get to scribd where you can download the paper for free. and tomorrow i’ll have a pretty nice giveaway here instead of a diy project but with that you can create tons of fantastic projects. stay tuned and come back tomorrow. xoxo


  1. Oh how I love long weekends!! Glad you enjoyed yours and I can’t wait to see your giveaway tomorrow :)

  2. hej my dear friend…fine that you had a little freetime for yourself and your love ones…before the big next event…gosh…35 t-shirt…hej lady…wow…ich wünsch dir auf jedenfall alles Liebe die Woche und hoffe du kannst am Ende deinen Namen noch schreiben…;)…little joke…no, take care, my dear and a big hug and i will think to you and send you many good thoughts…cheers…i…

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