paris week – shopping in paris

one thing for sure: bring your credit cards. all of them. or make sure you filled your piggy bank well enough before you go to paris. we were lucky to come while there’s summer sale (YAY) so i could enjoy all the good shops and beautiful products.

if you’re keen on shopping the big designers – go ahead – you’ll find them around champs élysée or gallery lafayette. yawn.. mostly they let you wait in long lines before they let you in (picture below shows the abercrombie shop and LV) and that is nothing i will ever support.

long lines

so my tip if you want to check out little indie designers and accessories you’d better visit marais. can’t say that often enough. marais rocks! there i’ve found the cutest things like little vases, lovely necklaces, some things for our home and some great 100% linen tops which i LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.


* a necklace (no-name shop in the middle of marais) *glass vase „potion magique“ and grey bamboo spoons from bensimon * little neon bowl vases from les emporte pièces * olive oil from a l’olivier * a luxurious long and wide dark grey silk shawl from american vintage


the 100% linen tops come from majestic filatures and are insanely soft and comfortable. i bought two tank tops – one is plain white, the other has binding made of liberty of london fabric; a pink shirt (also with liberty binding) and a light-blue-violetish cardigan. all those items were made in heaven and are very special!


a little top with bottoms on the back and another linen top with neon pink zipper on the back from a little boutique names i HEART noa on 45, rue de turenne, 75003 paris (also in marais)


marais is so fabulous that i went there on 4 of 5 days of our stay and i always discovered more fantastic little shops. it’s really lovely there.

a cafe that turned out to sell its decoration was les emporte pièces at 17 rue du pont louis philippe, 75004 paris. it was the first place i found in marais – at that time i didn’t know i was in the greatest hood of paris. the young woman who served me delicious tea and cookies and let me charge my phone created the most special place. the interior was styled with such care and a good eye, the tables were old and the chairs were all different… it was just lovely and the cafe had good karma. i sat there for quite some time and wrote into my journal and made some pictures. loved it!

les emporte pieces

in general i had the impression in paris you can buy things that you don’t see in frankfurt. i felt like i lived in the most unattractive place when it comes to shopping. really. the boutiques in paris are really special and filled with so many great items. and even the pastry shops made an effort to make everything look lovely and magnificent. i don’t see that so often…


and a big shout out goes to the food packaging i’ve found in ordinary grocery shops. unbelievably good and well done! beverages with very nice labels, quinoa salad in weck jars and coke light in gaultier aluminum bottles. WHY on earth doesn’t every food company invest some money in good packaging design?! the french know how to handle this obviously (i don’t even like kéfir and bought it anyway!!)


paris didn’t turn me into a total shopping victim but what i’ve bought is very dear to me since i can’t get anything of it here and so my goodies will always remind me of our trip. i’m more into quality than quantity after all.

i hope i could inspire you a bit for your next vacation in paris.

paris week – what’s there to see? – part one

a lot! and it’s beautiful! i’ve never been somewhere – in a city – that is so beautiful! there is beauty every where. the buildings were built to last forever (the louvre, the eiffel tower, the opera, sacre coer and all the other big churches) and they’re not just old buildings but real monuments, things you have to see once in your life.
yes – it’s a place of history. there have been kings and emperors and you just see that all around the city. the townscape is big and magnificent – not in a new york kind of style where everything is just big just for the sake of it – paris is more elegant and with a certain eye for the beautiful things.

something that instantly caught my eye were the metro signs. beautiful and sometimes in art nouveau style.

metro stations

what impressed me the most, deeply, to the bottom of my heart – the architecture of the louvre. i arrived at metro station „pyramides“ and walked there and after going through a tunnel in the richelieu pavillon i stood there in the middle of the „place du louvre“. breath.taking. it could be my personal taste but i love good architecture and this one is impressive. huge, elegant and with the modern glass pyramides in the middle this place looks WOW!!

louvre architecture

to get inside there was a loooong line but it was wednesday morning and i got inside in about 15 minutes.

this museum is a huge one and actually you need 3 weeks to look at everything thoroughly but i walked around for 4 hours, looked, took my time… while everybody else was running around like crazy (either bored or stressed) taking pictures of everything. i didn’t get why they just didn’t buy a book at the entrance and enjoyed the art. but no – they mostly photographed everything they saw (instead of looking at it) and ran off the the next painting or statue. so weird.


and of course i met the mona lisa. found her in the room with the biggest crowd and i only had about 14 seconds to look at her before i was forced to take a picture and make room for the other 4830 people behind and beside me so they could take a picture of her. i really wished i had more time to enjoy the beauty of this painting. i never got the excitement about it but now i can totally understand without really knowing why it is so. maybe because she’s so tiny and hug up in a room with paintings that are 30 times her size. or maybe because of the look of her eyes? whatever it is, i’m glad we’ve met. even if it was just for a short moment.


i highly recommend you once visit the louvre. it’s beautiful inside and outside.

special tip: buy your ticket in advance here and avoid the long line to get in. it only took me 15 minutes to get inside but another 15 minutes to buy a ticket which i could have avoided if i had my ticket already.

other than that i’ve seen the notre dame church where i stumbled into a concert of a choir from nebraska. sitting there, listening to them made me cry. it was just overwhelming and i was so happy to be there.


while walking around i discovered marais in the 3rd and 4th arrondissement where all the good shops and small tea salons are. it’s the most beautiful part of paris (as far as i know now) where i came back every single day of our stay. at the end of my longs days of walking i always ended up there to have a snack and to listen to the musicians on the street and to shop lovely little things that were beyond vuitton and dior (i’ll write more about shopping later this week). it’s truly a special place.


on our last day we climbed the eiffel tower. all the 669 stairs!! 3 of the 4 elevators were closed due to construction so we didn’t want to wait in that long line and just walked up. you can only walk until the 2nd base which is pretty high already. then you have to take the elevator up to the very top to have a stunning view. for me personally it’s always a big deal to see a city from the top of a high building. it’s really really great though the actual tower is impressive already and i couldn’t believe that they wanted to tear it down 20 years after it was built. fortunately they didn’t. i took some very nice pictures from the tower and the city.

eiffel tower paris

paris from up above

paris from up above

paris from up above

this was part 1 of my paris favorite sight seeing places. more about it tomorrow. stay tuned.

au revoir!