make your own loveable flower decoration

valentine week

Please welcome my sweet friend Virginia today. Normally she has her own cupcake column over at Steffi’s blog Ohhh Mhhh every Friday. But this week she was extra nice to share a sweet Valentine’s tutorial with us. Dankeschön Jeanny!

This tutorial actually isn’t a tutorial. It is so easy I would feel ashamed to call it tutorial. Let’s just call it „inspiration“. I was inspired to do this project when my little son Henri came home from kindergarten the other day proudly presenting me what he had crafted: a sweet little origami heart. It is so easy he can already do it on his own and I thought this would be a sweet idea to make valentines gifts for his grandmothers and little girlfriend Charlotte. We started making a whole bunch of hearts out of card stock and  gift wraps but I didn’t have any idea how to convert those into valentines gifts. About a week later I stumbled upon a beautiful flower bouquet at a nearby florist: they had tucked little birds on florist wire and mixed them with nice spring flowers. Wow. Gorgeous idea and perfect for our 2011 valentines gifts. Flowers are alway a very welcome gift for us girls, right? I put on my most charming smile and begged the florist for a handful of pure wires. Back home these were taped on our little paper hearts in various sizes and matching patterns. For Valentines Day we will mix the little paper hearts with beautiful white and pink flowers. Maybe white and pink tulips or a bouquet of dreamy ranunculus. My favorites. I am pretty sure Henri’s grannies and „girlfriends“ will love them.

what you need

You will need:
– florist wire (available at craft stores too or just try the charming smile trick at your florist’s)
– coloured cardstock paper, cut into squares.
– tape or glue gun
– flowers


  1. Fold bottom corner down to top corner and right corner to left corner. Unfold again.
  2. Fold top corner down to the center of the paper and even the crease.
  3. Fold bottom corner up to the very top. Even the crease again.
  4. Fold the right corner to the middle. Do the same with the left corner. This nearly looks like a heart, doesn’t it?
  5. Turn around and fold the very tips of the heart wings back down. Do the same with the right and left tips.

origami hearts

Apply florist wire on the back with (masking) tape or glue gun.
Mix with flowers, give it to the people you love and earn big smiles.

Please give a warm round of applause to my lovely friend!

You might wonder why we’re having a tutorial here on a TUESDAY?! Yep. Why not? It’s a special week and special weeks deserve special treatment :-) AND it’s because there will be another one tomorrow. YAY. Let’s shake it up a littlebit!