12 days of christmas – day 2 with some inspiration

today i just want to show you some interesting internet findings that you might like now during holiday season and a little gift guide from the handmade markets for her, him and the little ones. enjoy.

cute packaging

geometric paper decoration * christmas milk packaging * cross stitch cookie cups

wraps and tags

tags printables * merriest christmas wrapping paper * hand drawn gift tags

for her

just be cool gold print * geometric salt ‘n’ pepper shaker * soy candle * love ring * golden envelope clutch

for him

boyfriend soap * journal for good ideas * leather messenger * leather wallet * ipad case

for kiddos

onesie * knitted baby hat * natural colorful crayons * crocheted fox pillow

12 days of christmas logo


ach und die erste gewinnerin steht fest. ANN-KATRIN! yeah! herzlichen glückwunsch, liebes

gewinner day1

easy diy – doily recycling

erinnert ihr euch noch daran, als papier spitzendeckchen groß in mode waren und wir so ziemlich alles was uns entgegen kam damit dekoriert haben? also ich finde, die zeiten sind vorbei und es war schön, aber jetzt ist einfach schluss mit romantik, da muss was moderneres her. * do you remember the times when we decorated everything with a paper doily? i loved it but i think we need a new packaging trend.

wenn ich auf märkten bin und aus dem stand verkaufe, lege ich trotzdem wert auf ein schönes packaging, aber da muss es ratz-fatz gehen. früher hab ich die ware schnell in einen braune papiertüte gesteckt, doily ran, fertig, und jeder freute sich. jetzt mit dem neuen blog layout verwende ich weiße tüten und weiße doilys sehen darauf eben nach nix aus. und damit ich die restlichen 200 spitzen nicht wegschmeißen muss, hab ich sie ein bisschen aufgehübscht. * when i’m selling my goods at craft fairs i still want my customers to receive a nice packaging. but it has to be quick and easy so the doilies were always a good alternative. put the good into a brown paper bag, attach the doily, done! but now i use white paper bags and white doilies just look stupid. so what was i supposed to do with the 200 leftovers?

in dem örtlichen graffitti-malbedarf-laden habe ich mich vor einiger zeit mit den wichtigsten farben die man so braucht eingedeckt. also sprühfarbe gibt es genug in diesem haushalt. * i always have a collection of spray paint ready so i grabbed the turquoise can and sprayed all over the doilies.

türkis geschnappt, doilys ausgelegt und dann gemerkt, dass alles durcheinander flattert wenn man sprüht.

pimp the doily

was einen schönen effekt ergab, weil die spitzen unterschiedlich schön farbe abbekommen haben. also extra mal so drapiert. * when i sprayed the first set they all tangled up which looked actually very nice. so i’ve put them all onto each other to receive this nice texture.

pimp the doily

sprüh, sprüh, sprüh.

pimp the doily

an die frische luft hängen und ausstinken lassen. * when they were done i’ve put them outside to get rid of the smell.

pimp the doily

und so sahen dann die päckchen auf der letzten stijl aus. mit neon pinker tinte noch das tütchen bestempelt, doily ran. schön. ganz einfach und ich kann jetzt locker die restlichen spitzen verwerten. * and this is how my recent packaging at the fair looks like. people are happy which makes me happy and i have a good solution to recycle the rest of my doilies.

pimp the doily


lovely package exchange

dani of oh hello friend hosted the lovely package exchange again this year and i’ve was very happy when she told me that i have an exchange partner from germany. iris and i wrote some emails beforehand and got to know each other a bit though i must admit she had to be patient with me as it took me a while to react. i checked out her blog and though she’s a newbie in the blog scene i love her blog since she shares things i don’t see so often around other blogs and it’s truly a source of inspiration. i’m glad i’ve met her.

she sent me a beautiful wrapped package and when i opened it it revealed lots of tiny packages filled with the most amazing things.

lovely package exchange

there were 3 christmas cards with blue stars stamped on the front. 3 more cards with birds printed on maps and sewed on the card. i love them especially because they’re handmade and they smell delicious. it’s weird to say but they really smell like a good perfume. a very good one. furthermore there was a small bird stamp and a handwritten note on a card with music paper and a golden locket. the stamp came out of a vintage coffee tin that is in my favorite colors.

pack exchange

i really love all my goodies and i appreciate the very nice packaging. and i’m happy that i’ve met iris and hope i’ll meet her someday. she doesn’t live too far. yay.

killer packaging

I strongly believe in the power of packaging. It makes me…

…buy things I don’t really need.

…enjoy the product even more.

…try out new products.

buy it again (in case I need it).

When I’m in front of a shelf I most likely buy the product with the nicest package. That’s how I roll. Look here. Would you resist this?!


bread * honey * food doctor * groceries * olives


marks and spencer tea * green berry tea


motley bird * cocktail flavors * juice


ballerinas * sneakers

plant your dreams

I can’t understand why so many companies refuse to think more about their wrappings. All products have a packaging anyway, why don’t make it nice?!



Tea time

I love teas. I love them even more when they are packed nicely.  This wonderful tea bag was designed by Nathalia Ponomareva from Russia. It looks like an origami bird which gradually expands while the tea infuses.


Ay. I have to admit that I actually sometimes buy (useless) things just because of their beautiful packaging. THIS box of tea I’d buy because of its cool word-play name. Individually packed and ready to use for single servings. Comes in 7 different flavors. Yummie.

strip tea

This is so funny. A tea infuser with a shark fin that adds a little drama to your five o’clock tea. A great and simple idea designed by Pablo Matteoda.


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