oh well – this year is finally over. it wasn’t a bad one – just a busy one. and by going through some posts of 2013 i realized that the wishes i had for this year according to my super duper post came true.

wedding – check!
new home – check!
little boy – awesome – check!
crafty projects – not as many as i wanted – but still – check!

i thank you all for being such a super duper audience – for all the super comments, for all the motivation, for the cheers and wishes. for next year i am planning to blog more regularly again – focussing on healthy and yummy recipes and fun diy-projects.

free calendar download

i want to thank from the bottom of my heart with a little present as well. for the next year i’ve made you a printable calendar for your home. we have a family calendar in our kitchen that helps us stay organized.

you can download the pdf file in english or german. all free. just for you!

i wish you all the best for 2014. have a good one!!

xoxo, lou


  1. hey lou,

    dein kalender hat mich so wunderfein durch 2014 geführt!
    magst du den gleichen nicht zufällig für 2015 zaubern?!

  2. oh den habe ich mir dann eben fürs büro runtergeladen. super das die zellen so groß sind!! cool!

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