this week was all about the kitchen. we had the electrician guy set all our cables into the walls and ceiling. i was asked all kinds of questions like “where do you want any additional outlets? do you want to dim your lights? how many bulbs do you want to have?” excuse me? i have no idea! give me a switch and some lights that will work and i’m ok with it. i haven’t thought about light concepts ever and now all these questions. gheez.
and the rest of the week everybody had a task. dad was in the kitchen, martin painted, i unpacked stuff and cleaned up behind the boys…
ground and taped the windows in order to have them painted, made happy faces (i HAVE to because i’m on the verge of going totally nuts)…
decorated the kitchen with the cable plan so the papers won’t get lost, chose metro tiles for the kitchen, took off more tiles from the bathroom, and looked at all the crap that we dragged out of the basement.
plans, choices, crap
i am officially fed up. we’ve been working on this for “only” 4 weeks now and we have 6 more to go and i hope we’ll be all set the day we move.

until now we did all this:

* took off all wallpaper (9 rooms, one more still needs to be done)
* took off all carpets
* took off tiles from kitchen and bathroom (one more room needs to be done)
* prepared the walls for painting
* ground most of the doorframes and painted them
* ground half of the stairrail
* chose kitchen, floors, tiles
* made preparations to suspended the kitchen ceiling
* set all the cables
* cleaned the house from all the crap!

after the kitchen is done (which is definitely the biggest part of all) we can finally paint ALL rooms, set the floors and tiles and work on all the little details that you discover along the way. it’s insanity.

and inbetween all this we’re getting married next week and had to buy dresses, rings, stuff and whatnots. luckily martin and i are not very uncomplicated when it comes to choose things for the wedding so that – at least – was an easy task :-) (YES… there you can see how fuzzy my brain is :-) i meant “complicated”)

let’s see what we can accomplish next week. have a good weekend you lovely followers.

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  1. Sorry, but I LOVe that typo: “luckily martin and i are not very uncomplicated when it comes to choose things for the wedding so that – at least – was an easy task” Gave me a smile. :)

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