today is my last day of being engaged. tomorrow at this time i’ll be the new mrs. maddin and i finally have a slight nervous feel in my belly, butterflies everywhere and i can even smile again. this week was a rough one. nothing – really nothing went the way it should, my mood was on the ground and i had all kinds of stupid thoughts. not regarding my future marriage but this week was just not one of the best.

my little old granny passed away the day of my bachelorette party, we had a very unhappy weekend, our house is in the middle of chaos and all the handmade things i organized for our big day didn’t arrive or were otherwise delayed or couldn’t be realized. i almost forgot that tomorrow will be the best day of my life.


with a lot of breathing and happy thoughts i managed to just let it be, to concentrate on what’s really important and just laugh it away. though my heart is sad that my nonna is gone – she’ll be there with us tomorrow and wave from her cloud.

i’ll see you again after a week of honeymoon and our first week of the rest of our beautiful new life. thank you all for the wishes, even the unexpected gifts i received from my blogging friends the past weeks and all the beautiful thoughts and shout-outs.

i hug you all tight and wish you all a wonderful weekend.


  1. I’m sure your grandma will be watching over you today, have a fantastic day!

  2. lou, ich wünsche dir einen wunderbaren, unvergesslichen und vor allem fröhlichen tag morgen.. einfach, dass alles so wird, wie ihr es euch wünscht und dass ihr abends glücklich & selig seid… :) genieß deinen tag, alles liebe…

  3. So sad and so happy! All the best for tomorrow!! Hope that despite all you are going to have an awesome day! And the chaos around you is going to make wonderful stories – in about 5 years :-)

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